Family Finds Cat Waiting For Them Month After Wildfire

When the Camp Fire tore through Paradise, California in November 2018, many pet owners lost track of their beloved pets. Thankfully, many of these owners reunited with their pets in the days after the fire was contained. But unfortunately, Courtney Werblow and her family weren’t this lucky.

Weeks passed, and the Winblows didn’t hear anything about their cat Timber.

Timber is very special to Courtney and her family. In the description of a YouTube video, Courtney explained how Timber came to live with her family:

“After a tree fell on my parent’s rental home 7 years ago, we were forced to move out and into a rental of our own. (The new rental did not allow cats.) At the time her name was “kitty” and was renamed Timber… From this point on, Timber lived with my parents back on the property she knew as home.”

On the day of the Paradise fire, Courtney, her parents, and her two kids only had a little time to evacuate.

The family packed up a bag and grabbed their dog. They looked everywhere for Timber, but the cat was nowhere to be found. They didn’t want to leave her there, but they had to get out—the fire was coming. And so, the family evacuated with a hole in their hearts.

In the weeks since the fire, the Winblows have been staying in temporary housing in Chico. They wanted to go to Paradise to check on their house and look for Timber, but it wasn’t safe for them to go back  go next page to see the video and picture when found Cat.