30 Amazing Haircuts for Women over 40

Of course, you don’t have to look young in order to look good since we know that everybody is beautiful just the way they are. Still, some women are always trying to look as young as possible. In fact, it’s not that complicated, you only have to get the right haircut. Let’s take a look at the best 15 hairstyles to make people want to question your age.

30. Kristen Wiig

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It’s not necessary to wait but your 40s are perfect for a choppy bob. Kristen’s hairstylist Matt Fugate knew this perfectly. Your eyes will immediately brighten up like hers after you switch to a more modern and young look The Last One Will Put a Smile On Your Face!.


29. Halle Berry


Doesn’t she always look amazing? Berry often changes her hairstyle though manages to look like she’s still in her twenties every single time. And the fact that she’s on this list two times only proves this.

28. Cate Blanchett


Bobs are everywhere! Sometimes you just need to ask for a bob cut from your hair dresser and leave all the details to them. There are so many options you two can choose from. With this layered long one you can look chic without a lot of maintenance.

27. Portia de Rossi



A wavy asymmetrical cut is a pretty cool cut for everyone who is still a rebel at heart and tries to show your wild side to the world. Make it feel fresh and modern by leaving it a slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back.

26. Amy Poehler



It’s okay if you’re fed up with the usual boring cuts, which look horrible no matter what you’re trying to do with it. It’s time to get yourself a wavy lob. The softness of the long layers and the messy curls create a wonderful beachy texture.

25. Gabrielle Union

The actress doesn’t seem to age and her air plays an important role in it. This amazing hairstyle is called blunt lob. For some extra effect tuck your hair behind your ear and you can also curl the fronts away to create openness.

24. Tina Fey


A bit longer hair is also a great option. These voluminous, bouncy layers only help, everything is just right for every woman over 40. Just make sure it doesn’t look like you forgot to see your hairstylist for a few months or you cut your own hair.

23. Jennifer Garner


Be always in style. In reality, it’s not as difficult to maintain a great haircut as it looks. Your opportunities are endless when it comes to transforming your hair. You can even transform this look to a ponytail during the day.

22. Tina Fey


Another great example for the right shoulder length. The shorter layers and side-swept bangs you see are great if you want to frame your face. Most women suffer from thin hair, but in case you got really thick one you can get the bulk removed to make you look better.

21. Lauren Graham


Looking young doesn’t require any magic. Just look at Graham, looks good without and completely ordinary at the same time. Her hair is an easy wash-and-go if you got natural waves. However, it’s pretty easy to do even if you’ve got straight hair.

20. Diane Keaton


Here comes the next perfect layered bob. Flip the ends out as you blow your hair dry, and if it falls just below the jaw line in addition, you can deny at least 10 years from your age. Who wouldn’t want to look 30 again?

19. Padma Lakshmi


‘She’s must be maximum 35’ you would say. But that is really far from the truth. When you decide to get Padma’s hairstyle, start curling hair about an inch from the roots so it will look smooth and in control at the same time.

18. Lucy Liu


Sure, she must have some really good genetics, but her straight mane is certainly on point, as well. The first thing you should do is to trim your hair just enough to remove the split ends. Dry hair can only ruin your whole look.

17. Jane Fonda


Have you ever heard of modern shag? Well, if not, you should have. Again, these magic layers will frame your face. Plus, with the help of some molding gel you can get the texture which makes this crop pop.

16. Kate Walsh


A middle part always gives some kind of sophisticated impression. All you need to make big waves like this is a 2-inch curling iron and 10 minutes. Just don’t forget to take care of your hair in case you often use it.


15. Naomi Campbell


It’s time to forget about the idea of expensive and risky plastic surgeries. Just get a soft fringe and chin-length bob cut to make everyone jealous. That’s what young forever really means.

14. Cameron Diaz


One thing everybody loves about Diaz is that the actress never goes too extra with her hair. She doesn’t even have to. If you also have a mid-length hair like her, get that off-center side parting.It will definitely look great!

13. Jennifer Lopez


Just try to recall how your hair looked like in your twenties. You can always spice things up with a few highlights or a slightly lighter shade to stop it looking too heavy, dark and making you look older.

12. Julia Roberts


Make your features more lifted by taking the front sections of your hair and cut it just right below chin length. It gives you a more feminine and romantic appearance. So if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it now!

11. Kris Jenner


Who would have guessed that the proud mom of the Kardashian sisters is over 60? There’s something about her that hasn’t changed for many years. Her cropped hair, which creates volume and looks effortlessly stylish.

10. Robin Wright


There is a reason why most women choose a shorter hairstyle over 40. Longer sections styled forward like this always work wonders on everyone. Plus, you can hide the wrinkles on your forehead with layers above the brows.

9. Michelle Pfeiffer


Get those summer vibes with this natural wavy look. It’s super easy; doesn’t require hours to do. Here’s plus one tip: to keep your hair healthy and shiny use home-made hair mask once a week.

8. Sharon Osbourne


A bright color always gives some extra to your appearance and tells a lot about your personality. A vibrant, layered crop will instantly turn you into a glamorous diva too!

7. Catherine-Zeta Jones


Many believe that dark and long hair only makes you look older over a certain age. However, these tighter curls only help make you feel young again. And if you already feel young, you will also look young.

6. Halle Berry


She is the woman who can rock any hairstyle without exception. Short or long, straight or curly doesn’t matter. Get a boy cut hair to get a cool look. You might not even need to brush your hair in the mornings.

5. Teri Hatcher


Since a lot of women have that naturally wavy hair, the best option might be the shoulder length messy hair. Don’t forget about the side parting in case you want to add some more height.

4. Cindy Crawford


Wrinkles and age spots are natural, learn how to love them. What’s also important, to make your hair look natural. Keeping it glossy and wavy only makes everything better. One more thing: always smile.

3. Salma Hayek


Simple yet gorgeous. Straight black locks parted in the middle is always on fleek. You will look young and beautiful both in the office and at a dinner party. You only have to decide on the length of your hair.

2. Victoria Beckham


Mrs. Beckham is basically known for her never-changing hairstyle.Who told you can’t look hot over 40, especially with short hair? If you’re fed up with the boring, usual haircuts, try something asymmetrical.

1. Michelle Obama


The ex-FLOTUS looks great with any short hair. Bob cut hairstyle is one of the all-time favourites for sure. It’s classic and an excellent choice for women of any age.