Pregnancy Symptoms: 9 Early Signs That You May Be Pregnant

Most of us in this generation must have grown up with faint memories of epic dialogues like khatta khane ka man kar rah hai or paaon bhari ho gaya hai in our Hindi movies. Or, the scenes when heroines rush to the washroom to puke and the entire family gets into a celebration mode. This is how pregnancy is predicted and announced in our movies.

Well, being a little filmy is nice, but with pregnancy, it is suggested to listen to the science prophecy too. After all motherhood is not just a joyous feeling, it is a crucial phase as well. The expecting mother should know everything about this development right from the beginning so that nothing goes wrong.

Here are the top nine early signs that might hint that a new life is growing within you. I know the early signs number seven does not know.

#1. A missed period

Pregnancy Symptoms

Some early pregnancy symptoms can be observed around the time one misses a monthly mensuration cycle or a week or two later. 70% women experience early pregnancy signs by the time they are 6 weeks along. It is an easy sign to observe, especially if you are pretty regular on your periods.